It’s officially Fall now, so we need to start talking about holiday gifts. I know you may not be ready for this, but it’s time.

I like to make my holiday gifts, and I am assuming you do too.
Because you’re here reading posts on this DIY blog.
I try to create items that serve some practical purpose, not just gifts with pretty faces.
There are a few exceptions to that rule (like the embroidered BE NICE OR LEAVE sign or the Bloody Footprint Shower Mat), but for the most part, I’m partial to things that do a job. So, this is a coaster tutorial, because everyone (or at least most people, I think) would be happy to unwrap a set of useful, attractive coasters. I bought these agate slices at the mineral show in September.
Basically, they’re just thin slices of pretty rocks that have been dyed and polished.
You can find them at mineral shows, in stores that sell fancy rocks, or through online marketplaces like ETSY, Amazon, or eBay.I bought my agate slices with a coaster DIY in mind and chose pieces with an approximate 4″ diameter.
You could set drinks on them without any DIY work at all, but keep in mind that agate slices are fragile and can easily break if dropped or stacked hastily on top of each other.
The felt glued underneath will act as a buffer to protect them.

You will need:

agate slices, 3 – 5″ in diameter

hot glue gun
Acrylic paint & brush Before you begin this project, wipe the agate with a damp cloth to remove any dust or film. Decide which side will be the surface you want to display, then flip that surface to face down.

Use the hot glue gun to create a ring of glue about .25″ from the edge.
Work quickly to prevent the glue from cooling too soon. Set the felt on the agate and immediately apply pressure with your fingers to press it into the hot glue underneath.
After a minute, gently lift the edges to check the glue.
If you find areas where the glue cooled before adhering to the stone, squeeze in a bit more glue and press the felt against it. Carefully trim away the felt around the edge of the coaster. At this point, your coasters are usable.

Now, if I make a gift, I want the recipient to know that it was handmade, especially for them.
If your gift looks so good that someone might think it’s from the store (like your’s will – you crafty rock star), you may have to add some little element that says, “Hey! I made this!”
I used acrylic to paint little hearts on the back of each.
You could paint a different symbol or your initials. When the paint dries, your coasters are ready to go.
Tie them up with a festive ribbon, then send them off to their new home! …unless you are planning to keep them for yourself, and that’s okay too. If this lovely little project made you happy, then you might also enjoy this Moroccan Votive Holder DIY: Please, please share photos.
I would love to see your finished project!